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Ecology Exam Essay Questions




As a consequence, plants will store nutrients at the most economically efficient rate for their individual needs, while animals will invest the most in the form of high-quality, energy-rich tissues. This ensures that their life is maximized; thus, the superior environment won out. 3. What is the purpose of the land-mass called the Earth? What is its role in the universe? How does the interaction of the Earth with the Sun shape the Earth and its atmosphere? 4. What is life and what is it made of? Why is organic carbon the most abundant form of carbon in the universe? What role does carbon play in the life of an organism? 5. What is the origin of energy? What are energy-releasing particles called? What is energy? 6. What is the origin of matter? What is matter? What is a material? How does matter travel through space ? What is an object ? 7. What is the origin of light ? What is a particle ? How does light travel? What is a wave ? 8. What is the origin of heat ? What is heat ? What is a temperature ? How is heat transported in a system ? What is the difference between a heat transfer and a heat flow? 9. How does an engine work ? How do the atmospheric pressure of air and the buoyancy of water contribute to the function of a gas cylinder ? 10. How does a universe expand ? How do atoms combine to form molecules ? How do molecules combine to form proteins ? 11. What is an electron ? How does an electron travel through space ? 12. What is DNA ? Why is DNA the genetic material of most organisms? What is genetic coding ? What is a gene ? 13. What is a protein ? How do proteins work ? What is the difference between a protein and an enzyme ? How does a cell divide and differentiate ? 14. What is the difference between a cell and a multi-cellular organism ? What is a multi-cellular organism ? How does a multi-cellular organism grow and develop ? 15. How does a plant develop ? How does a plant die ? How do the cells of a plant communicate ? 16. How do animals develop ? How does an animal die ? What is the difference between a plant cell and an animal cell ? How do plant cells communicate ? How does the




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Ecology Exam Essay Questions

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